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Offering Professional Integrative Psychotherapy & Yoga Therapy services for:

Anxiety/Panic Disorder/PTSD

Depression/Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders

Marital Counseling


Chronic Pain/Illness

Women's Issues- Post-Partum Depression; Infertility; Pregnancy Loss; Mid-Life Transitions 

Professional supervision, consultation & training available to MH professionals seeking knowledge of body/mind integration. Sessions available in person, phone or skype.

Workshops offered:



A training program for professionals in the mental health field. This training is appropriate for inpatient hospital settings for most patient populations as well as for therapists in outpatient settings wishing to learn mind/body integration skills.It can be specifically tailored toward the eating disorder population as well.

This program fits into DBT skills programs already being used and integrates whole person learning through the teachings of mindfulness, meditation techniques appropriate for the psychiatric population and yoga therapeutic techniques.

Participants will learn:

1)    What mindfulness is and how/why it is an effective practice for our client population.

2)    What mindfulness looks like in the body & how to guide someone through a movement practice that embodies mindful attention & awareness.

3)    Yoga therapy vs. yoga. What the difference is & why we use it?

4)    How mindfulness encompasses compassion & the importance of self-compassion in healing & recovery.

5)    Training in various meditations that include: mindful centering meditation, integration meditation & compassion meditations & how to effectively guide a group & individuals through these.

6)    Learn to organize a group & lead a group in embodied mindfulness, which includes meditation & movement.

7)    Learn various yogic skills such as breath & effective therapeutic postures for intervention with individuals. 

Participants will engage in experiential training to gain first-hand “body knowledge” of the practices. The theoretical training will be discussion based on empirical knowledge of why we would use these practices with this population. The rational for its use along with the clinical significance will be reviewed.

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"All that you need to know is already within."


 Ann is a Mindfulness-informed Psychotherapist. She practices from a  Transpersonal Psychology perspective drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology.

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